A sample of current & past projects:
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For Professional Locksmiths

Professional Locksmith Tools

Eye Tracking

Assembly Programming
for Many Microcontroller Projects

Eye Health Monitoring

PCI Board Designs

Consumer & Professional
Sports Products

Wide Input Switching
Power Supply

Large Art Displays (animated)

Printed Circuit
Board Design

       K-TRONICS, LC can improve your existing products, assist with production or assemble pre-production units.  We also have vast experience with computers, networking, and "black box" type products.  We can help in establishing certifications required from various agencies, and have other industry wide contacts.

       We have also helped clients with retrofitting existing products with potential upgrades prior to production. This allows fine tuning the mechanical and electrical components during testing.

Other projects have been:

Industrial controls
  These included process control monitoring equipment for RPM and vibration, various sensor interface circuits (accelerometer and temperature).
Embedded micro-processors
  Several different battery operated and miniature units using various micro-controller manufacturers.
Class A medical diagnosis
  Equipment was used in a system to gather data on human subjects.
Consumer electronics (games and sports devices)
  Prototypes for electronic games and handheld sports products.
Professional locksmith tools
  Improved electronic tools used in the professional locksmith industry.
Handheld public tour guides
  Designed "take-along" audio units for public tours.
Special NiCAD battery chargers
  A multi-station charger & discharger for professional equipment.
Battery Testers
  Micro-controller based shirt-pocket portable unit for testing power remaining in battery packs for field use.
Custom equipment for the automotive rebuilder markets.
  Equipment was used for automotive parts rebuilders for testing salvaged electronic parts. These were production grade units.
Speech Panelist Data
  Organized panelist subjects and wrote software that collected/analyzed results. Users wore headphones and entered interpretations of speech for research..

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